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Webinar: Optical characterisation of PV cells

Announcing the first Renewable Energy Focus interactive webinar on Tuesday November 10, in association with PerkinElmer...

Manufacturers of PV modules and panels would arguably define three issues that remain their top challenges when producing products for the marketplace:

  • Achieving higher efficiencies;
  • Making cells and modules more durable;
  • Bringing down the price of producing PV cells and modules, while improving their performance.

In order to address these challenges and move solar PV towards parity with conventional energy generation, those working to develop PV technologies need as much support as they can get as they try to achieve crucial areas of technological improvement in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
To this end optical characterisation of PV cells has become a key part of the PV toolkit.

Why you should attend:

This webinar will introduce some of the challenges that PV manufacturers face today as they develop ever more superior products.

In addition, it will highlight some areas of PV cell development where optical characterisation of PV cells can:

  • Optimise the transmission and/or emission properties of the base and cover materials, to ensure the highest possible output and efficiency;
  • Ensure that new types of cells that are developed using alternative, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly materials are actually effective and competitive in the marketplace;
  • Ensure that new and different types of polymers to be used in the manufacturing process of modules and panels, actually will improve durability and real long-term usage of high-efficiency solar cells with minimal maintenance.

Who is the webinar aimed at?

  • Those active in PV Research and Development;
  • PV manufacturers;
  • Scientists with an interest in PV.

Interested? If so, register here.

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