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South Sumatra plans integrated hydrogen power and mobility infrastructure for 2018 Asian Games

The South Sumatran government has agreed a deal with Norwegian grid specialist IMS Ecubes, to provide a comprehensive range of zero-carbon energy infrastructure to underpin the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

The 2018 Asian Games – the world’s largest sporting event after the Olympics – will be held jointly in the national capital Jakarta and in Palembang, capital of South Sumatra province.

The Games will benefit from IMS Ecubes’ expertise in delivering advanced zero-carbon technologies, including solar PV energy generation, hydrogen storage and power demand-side management, fuel cell power generation supply-side management, and zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell mobility. The agreement was announced at the recent European Utility Week Expo in Barcelona, Spain.

IMS Ecubes is a multinational joint venture company, offering demand-responsive, MW-scale hydrogen generation and storage, advanced grid flexibility solutions and zero-emissions mobility solutions, through hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and refueling infrastructure.

In the summer IMS Ecubes created a new joint venture with UK-based Arcola Energy, to develop whole-system energy and mobility solutions for market opportunities in Europe and South Asia. The JV will offer an energy infrastructure with grid stability systems enabled by the requirement for clean power generation in developing economies such as Indonesia.

‘We are confident that this partnership with South Sumatra will lead to hydrogen-based solutions being established within the energy mix globally,’ says Dr Ben Todd, CTO of IMS Ecubes, and managing director of Arcola Energy. ‘It will also demonstrate – given the challenging, sub-two-year timescale for delivery – that hydrogen-based solutions can be deployed at least as quickly as other alternatives.’

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