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Gamesa unveils new 1,500 Vdc 2.25 MVA PV inverter

Gamesa has launched its new E-2.25 MVA PV inverter, one of the most powerful on the market, which will be one of the most powerful PV inverters in the market, according to the company.

This is the first Gamesa inverter to market to offer 1,500 of direct input voltage, enabling it to deliver up to 2,250 kVA at 50 degrees and 2,500 kVA at 25 degrees. The product embodies the company's ongoing development of solutions designed to help lower the cost of energy production at PV solar plants. 

Gamesa has launched two versions of this product: indoor and outdoor configurations, the latter custom-designed for the US market. The indoor version of this new product will combine air and water cooling, technology which taps the know-how acquired by Gamesa designing converters for wind turbines. This mixed refrigeration system spreads heat out optimally and reduces the inverter's size and weight.

As a result of these developments, Gamesa's new E-2.25 MVA is considered one of the most compact models on the market. Each 40-foot container fits two inverters, along with their transformer and MV switchgear, in a pre-wired 'plug & play' solution (in total: 4.5 MVA per container, thereby delivering one of the most powerful solutions on the market, according to Gamesa). 

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