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Meeco provides bespoke solar solutions for project in Ireland

The meeco Group is providing customized clean energy systems for countries with low radiation like Ireland.

On a private property in the country region of Cork, meeco has installed a sun2live solar shelter in the form of a carport. The roof of this construction consists of 40 polycrystalline solar modules of 250 Wp each providing the main and the guest house with clean energy from the sun.

The 14 metres long and six metres high aluminium structure is designed in a way which enables protection of the modules and the wiring from animals and also provides the property owner with spacey to store goods underneath. 

This two-component installation combines the solar power generation system – sun2live – with a nominal capacity of 10 kWp and the energy storage and management system sun2safe. The sun2safe unit is equipped with high performance batteries that can be charged by the sun2live as well as by the grid. By utilising this efficient hybrid concept a steady and reliable energy supply can be guaranteed even during cloudy days, the winter season or in cases of blackouts.

“Due to the low radiation and the big differences between summer and winter solar energy is not very common in Ireland”, explains Claudio Alberti, technical expert and head of storage solutions of meeco. “But nevertheless, this hybrid concept allows for a profitable application of a sun2live photovoltaic system since it keeps the electricity costs low and predictable and avoids any electricity cuts, which are not unusual in these remote areas. 

Thus, solar energy likewise entails big opportunities and possibilities for northern countries, such as Ireland. The solutions just need to be highly individualized and tailored in order to meet the clients requirements.” 


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