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BioGasol receives a Frost & Sullivan 2009 technology innovation award

The commendation - the 2009 Global Second Generation Biofuels Technology Innovation Award - reflects the company’s ability to advance in commercialising technologies for second generation biofuels.

To chose the recipient of the Award, Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team tracked emerging and existing biofuel technologies, as well as R&D developments. 

In its comparison with BioGasol's competitors, a source at Frost & Sullivan noted: “BioGasol’s technology is foreseen as one of the best technologies to produce second generation biofuels. BioGasol has the advantage of [many years'] experience with lignocellulosic ethanol biomass technology. BioGasol was among the first in the world to operate a fully integrated lignocelluloses-to-ethanol plant, converting straw into ethanol and other energy products with reuse of process water. The novel pretreatment and C5 fermentation process developed and patented by the company, promotes the use of renewable feedstocks and reduces the carbon foot print.”

“We are proud of this Award and its recognition of our dedicated commercialisation effort”, said BioGasol’s ceo Birgitte Ahring.

The company was also recently chosen as part of UK newspapers The Guardian's Global Cleantech 100 list of companies.




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