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Sungrow receives running certificates from IBC Solar India for two projects

Sungrow, one of world’s leading PV inverter manufacturers, has announced the receipt of running certificates from IBC Solar India for two projects.

The first project is a 5.5MW string inverter project, whilst the second is 11.68MW central container-solution project.

The 5.5 megawatts string inverter project, is located in Bhadla, District of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. It utilizes Sungrow’s SG30KTL string inverter ground space system. “We wanted to use string inverter for this flat land based project. We were persuaded to try the SG30KTL and have found it to be an excellent product. Sungrow’s string inverter ground space system is the best we have used and the offer is very competitive. Another major attraction for us was the fact that Sungrow is a global brand,” said the CEO of LNB Renewables.

The 11.68 megawatts project, located in Pokhran, Rajasthan, India, uses the 1000TS central inverter ground space system. Palimarwar Solar Project Private Limited, part of the LNB Group, are the owners of this project, and were focused on having a plug and play solution. After collaborating with them we were able to provide them with the 1000TS system. “With the power generation of 6500 units per day per inverter, the return on investment of this project is higher than we expected. Since the completion of construction in April.2015, it has kept running stably from the first day of operation,” said the CEO of LNB Renewables, which mainly develops solar farms and invests in wind energy assets.

“The Indian market is increasingly important to Sungrow, particularly as there are supportive policies from the Indian government”, said Professor Cao Renxian, CEO of Sungrow. “Having opened an office in India last year, we are very committed to this country and look forward to long term success here.” 

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