Heliocentris wins order for autonomous fuel cell power supply solution

German-based Heliocentris Fuel Cells, a leading system integrator for PEM fuel cells, has won a major order for the delivery of an autonomous power supply solution to the University of Applied Sciences Wildau, near Berlin. The fuel cell power supply will be used to supply energy to selected applications in a building, and will serve as a link between training and applied research. The project has a total value of nearly €500 000.

The complete solution from Heliocentris is a hybrid energy storage system consisting of a battery, fuel cell, electrolyzer and adapted power electronics that can store solar or wind-generated power to be generated in the building. This allows for a self-sufficient solution, regardless of solar radiation or wind availability.

In addition to the integration of four of the newly launched Heliocentris Nexa 1200 fuel cell systems, one of the key aspects of the project is the development of hardware and software for energy management. The energy management delivered by Heliocentris will manage and optimize all energy flows within the system to ensure maximum availability of energy. It is planned to further optimize the energy management jointly with the customer during the testing phase.

‘We are proud to be able to realize such a completely integrated solution for a customer, and therefore consider ourselves very much in line with the trend of offering intelligent storage solutions for renewable energies,’ comments Dr Henrik Colell, CEO of Heliocentris Fuel Cells.

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