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SFC fuel cells to be integrated in video surveillance systems for French defence ministry

German-based SFC Energy has received an order for 58 EFOY Pro direct methanol fuel cell systems, which will be installed to provide reliable power for surveillance systems used by the French Ministry of Defence.

Powering surveillance systems

German-based SFC Energy has received an order from its French distributor, autonomous energy expert AG Systems, for the delivery of 58 EFOY Pro fuel cells. The direct methanol fuel cell systems will be installed by French system integrator 4G Technology, to provide reliable power for surveillance systems used by the French Ministry of Defence.

Increased need for surveillance

The French Ministry of Defence uses video surveillance systems for increased site and public area security. Many of its surveillance systems are operated away from the power grid, so to ensure their continuous operation, reliable off-grid power must be available at all times.

Solar systems alone cannot ensure 24/7 power availability, so 4G Technology uses a hybrid approach. In fair weather the solar modules will power the surveillance systems. In bad weather or in winter, when the solar module cannot supply sufficient power, the fuel cell will automatically pick up operation and fill the power gap to ensure 100% system uptime year-round.

Operation of the EFOY Pro fuel cell is fully automatic, silent, and with almost zero emissions, making this environmentally friendly power generator nearly undetectable.

Need for reliable offgrid power

‘Site surveillance and public security are becoming even more important. When the location is away from the grid, our EFOY Pro fuel cell is the perfect source of energy – as reliable as the grid itself,’ says Dr Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy, which has sold more than 34 000 fuel cells.

Podesser continues: ‘For more than 12 years – in a multitude of security and surveillance scenarios and in the most difficult climate and environmental conditions – our fuel cells have more than proven their value.’

Best of both worlds

‘We wanted the best of two worlds for absolutely reliable power. Hybridising solar modules and fuel cells is the perfect combination,’ adds Eric Girat, CEO of 4G Technology.

‘The support of SFC Energy’s French distributor, AG Systems, to our integration project was excellent,' continues Girat. 'We see great potential for this product in the French security and surveillance markets, and plan further projects this year.’

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