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  • Swedish investment in Volvo’s PowerCell PEM fuel cell unit
    Swedish automaker Volvo, through its subsidiary Volvo Technology Transfer, is to receive a total of SEK200 million (US$25m) from the Swedish Energy Agency and two international investors. The joint funding will be in the PEM fuel cell developer PowerCell Sweden AB, based in Gothenburg. PowerCell is developing auxiliary power units utilising PEM fuel cells, for use in trucks.


PowerCell fuel cell backup power generator at TeliaSonera telecom base station in Sweden

Nordic fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden has signed a cooperation agreement with mobile operator TeliaSonera, to jointly install and operate a PowerPac power generator at a telecom base station in western Sweden.

The companies will run a feasibility study to test the PowerPac system in operation as a power backup for one of TeliaSonera’s base stations in the Gothenburg area.

The study will allow TeliaSonera to test the technology in a working base station, and evaluate the technology and potential for its markets. The system will run in a controlled manner, as power outages in the area are rare; the testing will be done through simulated power failures.

PowerCell has combined its PEM fuel cell and autothermal reactor reforming technology to develop the PowerPac generator, which converts diesel fuel to electricity.

The company is collaborating in a Norwegian project to reduce diesel consumption for electricity generation during vehicle loading and unloading at a grocery distributor. And Finnish industrial gases company Woikoski has just installed a hydrogen refueling station next to PowerCell’s headquarters in Gothenburg.

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