Biogas being used to boost and broaden farm businesses

Farmers are increasingly turning to biogas as a means of widening their prospective business interests, according to EnviTec Biogas Ltd in Germany.

“Interest in biogas plants remains high both in Germany and abroad," says the company. "EnviTec is increasingly negotiating with agricultural business. Uncertain prices of agricultural products are prompting many farmers to consider diversifying their operations".

In addition to building biogas plants, EnviTec is offering co-operative schemes for operating plants; the company takes care of financing, building and maintainance of plants, while the farmer is responsible for biogas production. “This kind of co-operation pays off for both sides,” said ceo Olaf von Lehmden.

EnviTec boosted its sales by 33% in the first 6 months of 2009, and predicts sales of EUR150 million-200 million for the full year. Production capacity has been expanded and the number of employees has been increased to 377, despite the global recession.

Belgium and the Czech Republic are currently the company’s main export markets but Italy, Slovakia and Latvia are increasingly opting for biogas and have created an attractive legal framework to facilitate this, according to the company.


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