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Skytron Energy to expand services to Southeast Asia market

Skytron energy now provides monitoring and supervision for nine solar PV power plants in Thailand with a total of 55MWp of installed power.

The most recently added six plants in central Thailand have a capacity of 37MWp. Together with the other three plants, they provide clean solar energy to 55,000 local households. The addition of the newly installed capacity will increase Skytron Energy’s footprint in the growing Southeast Asian market as a leading German company.

“Thailand is one of the most important emerging solar markets and we are proud to actively contribute to driving renewable energy growth in this region,” says Lino Garcia, Director Business Development and Sales of Skytron Energy. “With our high-quality monitoring and supervision technology, we ensure optimal plant performance and help to make solar energy more reliable. PV plants are financial assets and our mission is to secure and optimize these investments”.

One of the new plants is owned by 5 AMATA and is situated near Amphoe Kanchanaburi, while the other five plants belong to Symbior Solar. According to Skytron Energy, their monitoring and supervision technology covers the entire power plant, ensuring highest plant performance and minimizing the risk for investors.

“For Symbior Solar as a solar PV developer, Skytron Energy’s monitoring solutions allow us to bring state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities and expert supervision to even the most remote locations as well as support our power plants to manage unreliable power grids looking to accommodate increasing renewable energy capacity”, says Florian Bennhold, CEO of Symbior Solar.

In addition, three of the Symbior Solar plants are equipped with PVGuard Local, the latest advance in Skytron Energy’s product offerings. According to the company, it visualizes and filters relevant information and identifies problems that could potentially lead to yield losses. Specifically developed for power plants in remote locations, PVGuard Local allows plant owners and operators to access all relevant data, even during periods of sporadic or no internet connectivity. This is especially important in Thailand and other remote regions where internet connections cannot be guaranteed at all times.

On November 25th and 26th, Skytron Energy will showcase its products and services at the Solar Southeast Asia in Bangkok.

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