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Wind energy could overtake coal and gas as Europe's largest power source by 2030

Wind energy could be the largest source of power supply in the EU by 2030 if governments apply the right level of ambition in their climate and energy policies, according to EWEA's latest report.

The report outlines how wind power could exceed gas, coal and other forms of energy by the end of the next decade if European member states follow the ambitious end of the policy framework they've set for 2030.  

Total wind installations in Europe could reach 392GW with 294GW of onshore and 98GW of offshore wind, according to the report. Today, Europe's 128.8GW can meet 10% of European power consumption in a normal wind year.

Giles Dickson, Chief Executive Officer of the European Wind Energy Association, said: "Wind power can be the foundation of the European energy system within the next 15 years."  

The report outlines a number of policy priorities that need to be addressed including the development of national renewable energy action plans for member states; streamlining national permitting procedures; proposing legislation for well-functioning energy markets and driving reform of the Emissions Trading System. 

Far from imposing costs on the European economy, EWEA claims these measures will result in a net gain of EUR13 billion, the equivalent of the EU's funding for transport infrastructure over the next 5 years. The wind industry could also support up to 366,000 direct and indirect jobs.  

Dickson said: "Wind power makes economic sense. But policymakers must demonstrate more determination than is on show today. Wind power can deliver economic growth in Europe by boosting investments, creating jobs and reducing electricity bills. A new market design, a reformed ETS and rigorous accountability on 2030 targets are essential if these goals are to be achieved." 

He added: "Already onshore wind is cheaper than any form of new power generation. Last year wind power installed more than gas and coal combined in the EU. Europe's energy and economic transition is underway. Now politicians must decide whether to accelerate this transition or drag their heels, which would damage investments and job creation." 

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20 November 2015
Yes. Wind energy is pervading.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP) India

eleftherios pavlides said

19 November 2015
If as this article predicts (and I have been saying all along) wind becomes less expensive than dirty fossil fuels, would it not mean the end of fossil fuels? Already coal is going belly up rapidly becoming as valuable as the dirty that surrounds it deep underground. Oil and "natural" or fossil gas will soon follow, so there will be no more insentives to mine or drill. They can stay burried in perpetuity. Why would anyone in his or her right mind pay more for polluting energy sources that damage kids lungs causing life long asthma?

Valuless fossil fuels left undisturbed in their subterranean locations for ever is the best "carbon capture" technology.

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