EUPVSEC: Danfoss unveils system to integrate functions in solar inverters

The new TripleLynx Pro system for solar inverters provides a package for integrating communication and data logging functions in the inverter and has an Integrated Web Server, Master Inverter and Ethernet functionality.

According to Danfoss, the integrated web server makes it possible to view settings and log information without installing additional software or hardware devices. The solar inverters in the systems can also be set up by connecting any PC directly to the TripleLynx Pro using an integrated web interface.

Web access makes it possible to replicate system settings, set messaging requirements and export logged data directly to a PC.

"By appointing one solar inverter as the master, system configuration is faster and more efficient, as only one inverter needs to be configured," a source claimed. "It instantly replicates data and other settings across all the other TripleLynx Pro inverters in the network. This reduces overall system costs due to faster setup and easier service".

Danfoss further added that the TripleLynx Pro has been designed for connectivity to networks via Ethernet. Other features enable both star and daisy chain networks - and a combination of both - ensuring high speed data exchange between up to 250 inverters per network.

All settings and production information are logged at 10 minute intervals in a circuit, which has a storage capacity for up to 20 years of cumulated data and one month of detailed data. The settings and the production log are additionally backed up by the display unit of each individual inverter.



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