ONZO announces five year partnership with Fjordkraft

ONZO has been selected to support a five year pilot study into maximising energy efficiency.

Data science software company, ONZO  and Norwegian energy provider Fjordkraft have unveiled a new customer engagement project that allows consumers to view their energy usage at a granular level, to maximise energy efficiency and adapt their behaviour to save money.

Fjordkraft has partnered with ONZO on the project that combines energy analytics, load disaggregation and gamification to create a unique approach to customer engagement. ONZO compiles and analyses household energy data taken from smart meters, to empower customers with personalised insights and control around their energy usage. 

The project will form part of a 5 year pilot study into maximising energy efficiency using highly granular smart meter data. The project will be funded by Norwegian government department Enova. ONZO and Fjordkraft have been selected alongside 6 other companies for the funding, with the pilot due to start in November 2015. 

As part of the project Fjordkraft will roll out newly developed hardware devices that collect highly granular data from the smart meters, providing rich insight to consumers with intelligence and real-time data on behavioural patterns through ONZO analytics. Fjordkraft believes this enables them to communicate with each of their customers on a more personalised level than ever before.

Spencer Rigler, CEO of ONZO, said: “ONZO enables utilities like Fjordkraft to really understand their consumers’ behaviour and lifestyle. Personalised consumer engagement is the next step for the industry as a whole, with this pilot scheme helping to create better relationships with customers and reduce churn.”

“We chose to partner with ONZO due to the maturity in their product and flexibility in meeting our needs,” said Arnstein Flaskerud, Head of Strategy at Fjordkraft. “This pilot will be an opportunity to understand our customers, with insight from ONZO helping to build closer relationships and tailor our offering to the individual.” 

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