Cisco continues global smart grid development momentum

Cisco has put into place further steps to enable the development of an end-to-end, highly secure Smart Grid communications infrastructure to help utility companies and their customers better manage and reduce energy consumption, improve smart grid security and reliability, and reduce overall energy costs.

Cisco is working with partners such as Oracle to create the Cisco Smart Grid Ecosystem to facilitate the adoption of Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications standards for smart grids that will benefit the energy industry as well as business and residential customers. The members of the Ecosystem include technology vendors, power and utility integrators, service providers and more. Companies involved include Accenture, Capgemini, Echelon, EnergyHub, GE, Infosys, Verizon, Wipro.

Cisco has also established a Smart Grid Technical Advisory Board (TAB) made up of leading utility and energy companies from around the world. The TAB will give customers the opportunity to influence Cisco Smart Grid product and solution development road maps through a technology-focused forum.

In support of its Smart Grid efforts, Cisco is introducing grid security services and solutions for physical and cyber security. These services include utility compliance assessment, physical site security vulnerability assessment, grid security architecture design, as well as physical and networking security design and deployment.

Marthin de Beer, senior vice president, Cisco Emerging Technologies Group said, “together with our partners, and with input from utilities around the world, we will develop open, IP-based solutions that will help make the Smart Grid and all of its benefits a reality."



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