Mushrooms opting for solar

Solar panel investment will cut mushroom suppliers’ electricity costs in half

Walsh Mushrooms have shelled out a cool £225,000 so far to secure their future energy for the next 25 years at their headquarters in Evesham. The mushroom suppliers have joined the growing list of businesses to install solar panels on their roof. Expert solar installers Mypower worked hard to win the project, which will result in the business slashing their electricity costs in half.

Chairman Alan Walsh confirms “Making any new investment in technology that is an unknown to you takes a lot of research. Ben Harrison of Mypower worked hard to gain the order, planned and installed the system with a very high degree of professionalism. We are very happy with the results to date".

Ben left no stone unturned throughout the process, responding to any questions Walsh’s had. Ben explained that with a solar panel installation the business would strongly benefit from long term energy security and typically they should expect a return on investment of 15% or more. He also showed them how the installation would significantly improve their green credentials.

Walsh Mushrooms are committed to continuous sustainable mushroom development and decided installing solar would go some way to achieving this constant goal.

Implementing solar would allow them to cut their carbon emissions, which is a vital process in today’s climate.
Mr Walsh, had this to say, “Our solar investment will help us to avoid over 90 tonnes of carbon emissions each year which is part of our on-going group wide policy to deliver a sustainable product to customers, something we are very passionate about.”

A total of 953 solar panels, equating to 247.78 kW were installed by Mypower, making this a very large system. Their large Evesham depot now off-sets 20% of its electricity costs thanks to the solar panels. Any price increases energy suppliers wish to declare will no longer affect this percentage as the depot is creating its own electricity - significant savings will be made.

These top quality solar panels will last at least 25 years. In just over five years the system will have paid for itself. Not only that, the business will benefit from the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme for 20 years and their projected return on investment in the first year will be 18% - 3% higher than the typical return expected.

While the mushrooms continue to grow at a rapid rate, Walsh’s are growing too. A new building is currently being constructed and an order has been placed to work with Mypower again, to put as many panels on their new building as possible.

Mypower’s personable team design, supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which enable businesses to generate their own electricity from sustainable systems. Like Walsh Mushrooms, committing to this investment will significantly help businesses increase their green credentials and to save a sizeable amount of money, starting from the first year of installation.


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