Family of sheep farmers goes green

Pembrokeshire farm uses wind energy to combat volatile market conditions and feed back into the national grid.

Fourth generation family farmers Julie and Steve Ayres of Nash Mountain earned funding from Triodos, the ethical and sustainable bank, to generate clean renewable wind energy which is now connected to the national grid, helping to provide a sustainable energy source to power the farm and the local community.

Nash Mountain is a traditional lambing farm, which has a cattery and dog kennels and secured £230,000 finance from Triodos.

The building of the 50kW Endurance E 3120 Wind turbine completed in July, and is 24.6m high from blade to hub. The average annual wind speed has been calculated at 8.8m/w which is expected to generate 200,000kWh. The FiT tariff has been approved and locked at 17.78p/kWh index.

The turbine’s location in the Pembrokeshire hills is significant, as the turbine hopes to produce over 20% more than the national average for wind turbine production.

The sustainable and ethical bank has a long history of supporting financial enterprises which create social, environmental or culturally added value as part of its core lending criteria and principles.
Sue Walker, Relationship Manager at Triodos Bank which has fully financed the project said: “We are delighted to be given the opportunity to support a project so close to Triodos sustainable mission. Although this farm is still developing its sustainability strategy, the potential for future growth is enormous.”

Nash Mountain Farm has plans to increase its green credentials, and are in the process of gaining eco-friendly status for their holiday campsite nestled within the farm, and organic certification for their produce including lamb and wool.

Julie and Steve are keen to emphasise how important this green status is in securing their long-term economic prospects, but also inspire the next generation of Nash farmers to think about how they contribute to a sustainable farming economy in the future.

“The farm is now fully energised by the wind turbine, and we know that we can depend on this source of income to finance parts of the farm which are sensitive to market conditions.

Whilst ensuring the financial stability of Nash Farm is a priority, our contribution to creating a greener society is incredibly important to us – and gives us a great deal of hope that our farm is worth continually investing in. It’s exciting to think how this very traditional farm may look in 10 or 20 years, and certainly we look to our new future with buoyant optimism.

We would like to thank Triodos Bank, and particularly Relationship Manager Sue Walker who really understands the farming landscape – and those expertise have helped us realise our dream” said Julie.


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