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Anesco and OXIS to release lithium-sulfur battery storage by 2016

In the UK, energy efficiency solutions company Anesco is now working with the award-winning battery technology company OXIS Energy, to advance the growing renewables market.

The collaboration will demonstrate the strengths of the OXIS lithium-sulfur technology, and calls on Anesco’s expertise as a leader in the field of battery storage for commercial and residential renewable installations. The new battery storage units will be available for installation from 2016.

The lightweight OXIS lithium-sulfur (Li-S) technology offers many advantages, including enhanced safety and reliability, improved environmental impact, and ease of installation.

Supporting customer needs

'Storing energy and alleviating the strain placed on the grid, particularly at peak times, is a critical part of creating an electricity network that will support the needs of customers – both homeowners and businesses – as we decarbonise the UK electricity network,' says Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco.

Pike continues: 'The design of effective storage solutions supports the growth in new technologies, such as renewables, by providing the flexibility needed to be able to match generation to supply.'

Grid parity

'The development of effective energy storage solutions remains a key driver in achieving grid parity,' adds Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO of OXIS.

'As the OXIS technology becomes commercially available, it will contribute significantly to grid parity of renewable installations such as solar PV, and is a major shift in how energy is produced and consumed, as it reduces CO2 emissions while reducing electricity bills at the same time,' he says.

This project complements the increasing number of customers adopting the revolutionary lithium-sulfur technology, including electric vehicles, defence and marine applications.

The recently unveiled Project Helios at the OXIS Solar Centre for Autonomous Research (OSCAR) will demonstrate the company’s Li-S battery-based solar energy storage technology.

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