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E.ON to build Rampion offshore wind farm in the UK

When complete, the wind farm will have the capacity to generate 400 MW of electricity.

The 1.9 billion Euro Rampion Offshore wind farm project is located in the English Channel, 13 kilometers from the Sussex coast due south of Brighton. The project is comprises 116 3.45 megawatt wind turbines, associated foundations, an offshore substation and cabling. (The water depth ranges from 19 to 40 meters.) When complete, the development will have the capacity to generate 400 megawatts of electricity and is expected to generate 1,300 gigawatt hours of renewable energy annually, enough to supply the equivalent of up to 300,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 600,000 tonnes a year.
Under the terms of the deal, E.ON will provide construction, operations and maintenance, as well as energy management services to the project. This includes the delivery of the connection to the National Grid with marine export cables to shore, approximately 26 kilometers of onshore cables and onshore grid substation assets. E.ON will divest these offshore transmission assets under a regulated sales process.
The UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB)1  has acquired a 327 million Euro stake in the project.
1. With £3.8 billion of funding from the UK Government for investments in the UK’s green economy, Edinburgh-based GIB is the first bank of its kind in the world and a leading investor in the UK’s offshore wind industry. GIB is a key part of the UK’s efforts to achieve its legally binding environmental targets. The mission is to accelerate the UK's transition to a greener economy.

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