Australian Clean Energy Council launches 'Energy Storage Roadmap'

New guidance document aims to unlock the exciting opportunities that energy storage technology presents for both electricity consumers and the renewable energy industry.

According to the Clean Energy Council, the Australian Energy Storage Roadmap aims to help develop the foundation to deliver the technology’s full potential through collaboration with industry, regulators and careful strategic planning to ensure consumers would benefit from this exciting emerging technology.

The roadmap focuses on five key objectives for the sector:

  • Analysing growth and gathering key information about the sector
  • Ensuring the development of vital standards and the integrity of the storage sector
  • Locking in effective regulation and policy to support storage
  • Leadership and coordination of the emerging sector
  • Promoting the potential of storage technologies

    “Energy storage technologies are a game changer for the Australian energy market – they offer greatly increased flexibility, reliability and efficiency when it comes to the way we generate and use electricity," said Kane Thornton, chief executive of the Clean Energy Council. "This translates to lower costs and inevitable big changes to our energy system."

Some of the exciting initiatives led by the Clean Energy Council that are already under way include: the development of important guidelines and standards for storage devices; the installation and safety of residential- and commercial-scale storage technologies; an annual Australian storage industry survey; and a consumer guide for battery storage installations.

“The Clean Energy Council is excited by the opportunities that energy storage presents, and we hope this roadmap will help the industry navigate the path towards sustained growth and high standards of safety and integrity in the Australian market.”

The Australian Energy Storage Roadmap is available for download from the Clean Energy Council website.


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