Alder King Planning secures planning permission for one of UK's largest solar farms

Pair of ground-mounted solar farms in Kent and Lancashire entail more than 50MW.

Alder King Planning Consultants has secured two significant new planning permissions for ground-mounted solar farms in Kent and Lancashire. The company recently secured permission for a 48MW scheme on one of the UK’s largest solar farm in Herne, Kent.  At 215 acres, the size of the site -- and its location within a special landscape area -- created a number of supply chain and construction challenges for the developer, British Solar Renewables.  Works included a directionally-drilled cable connection for approximately 100m under the Old Thanet Way (A299) road. The development was connected to the grid last month.  

A second permission on behalf of a new solar park client was secured for a 5MW scheme in Fylde, Lancashire. This was the first solar park permission granted by Fylde Borough Council. 

“The size, context and time pressures associated with the Kent scheme presented challenges for us, our client and the planning authority," Mark Cullen, Alder King senior planner, explained. "By responding quickly to queries concerning the impact of this large park in a Special Landscape Area and potential flooding issues, we were able to facilitate a pragmatic and positive response from the Planning Committee."

With the two latest sites, Alder King Planning Consultants has now secured permissions for 22 solar farms across England and Wales, generating around 180MW. 

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