Orenda Energy Solutions inks licensing deal with Eocycle Technologies

Deal calls for Orenda to license its proprietary, low-maintenance ‘tilting tower’ technology.

Orenda Energy Solutions, the Scotland-based turbine manufacturer for the global medium distributed wind industry, has announced that it has licensed its proprietary ‘tilting tower’ technology to a fellow Montreal–based wind turbine company, Eocycle Technologies Inc.1 This marks the first time Orenda has entered into a technology licensing agreement with another turbine manufacturer since the company was established in 2012.
The technology being licensed to Eocycle was initially designed for Orenda’s Skye™ 51kW medium wind turbine. This utilizes a patented, multi-pivot point technology – a hydraulically operated hinged ‘tilting’ tower which allows for large nacelles to be raised and lowered to heights of up to 36m and thereby reduces installation and servicing cost. From a maintenance perspective it means servicing is done at ground level and does not need expensive crane hire.
“We are delighted with this validation of our technology and business approach that entering into this agreement gives us. Orenda’s success in closing this deal, which we envisage being the first of many, was based on Eocycle’s requirement to look beyond its current turbine design and integrate our patented technology which is completely unique in the renewables industry across any size or scale of wind turbine,” said Gerry Lalonde. Orenda Energy Solutions CEO.
Richard Legault, CEO of Eocycle Technologies Inc., said the integration of Orenda’s technology into its 25kW wind turbine offers the significant installation and cost reductions the distributed wind industry is looking for. “Like Orenda, we are a pioneering wind energy company — and by licensing Orenda’s technology, we pave the way for this partnership to flourish,” he said. “Here are two companies, headquartered in the Montreal area, showing the small- and medium-size wind energy industry that we are both innovators and pioneers in what we bring to the marketplace.”

  1. Eocycle Technologies manufactures an innovative 25kW direct-drive wind turbine for those involved in areas such as agricultural, business and requiring rural electrification in remote regions worldwide.

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