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What role will the UK play in the future nano-enabled energy storage market? - Call for contributions

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) is inviting contributions to a Position Paper on energy storage prototyping.

The UK led the way in developing the original Lithium-ion battery technology. Now, the race is on to develop the next generation of batteries and supercapacitors for rapid charge and high energy density devices which are cost effective. Research work in the UK is strong, but will face the ‘barriers’ of scale-up and prototyping that hinder commercialisation of energy storage.

The NanoKTN is tasked with facilitating commercialisation of UK nanotechnologies, and is compiling a Position Paper on the opportunities presented by this sector, and the case for a UK prototyping network or ‘Centre’ to concentrate expertise and facilities on energy storage.

Dr Martin Kemp of NanoKTN comments: “This initiative is receiving support from a growing number of organisations who can see the potential of exploiting UK capabilities in energy storage to generate future prosperity and jobs.”

Interested parties can contact Dr Kemp directly at or download the questionnaire from the NanoKTN’s homepage.

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