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Trianel partners with Conergy

Goal is to offer solar systems to six million homes at no upfront cost.

European municipal utility networkTrianel GmbH and Conergy have launched a new partnership that enables municipal utilities in the Trianel network to offer solar leasing for homes with no upfront costs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Conergy will design, install and maintain solar installations tailored for each customer. Trianel’S network of 100-plus shareholders supplies a combined six million homes in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

“Conergy’s many years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining solar systems were pivotal in their selection as our fulfillment partner,” said Michel Nicolai, director of decentralized production at Trianel. Conergy’s international network of certified regional partners was also a draw. “With this, our utilities can rely on 100% quality and nationwide availability during the implementation of the projects. At the same time, the added regional value can be preserved.”
Trianel’s “EnergieDach” service enables municipal utilities to install residential PV systems at no cost to homeowners. The utility undertakes the initial investment, set up, and operational management of the system. The customer, as system operator and leaseholder, uses the electricity generated for their own consumption. Tests in Heidelberg, Germany demonstrated that customers should save as much as 9,000 Euros (13,000 USD) over the 25-year term of the lease, with the option to buy additional electricity at preferential rates.
“Services such as Trianel’s ‘EnergieDach’ follow a trend that will boost solar installations in the residential segment,” said Anke Johannes, CEO at Conergy Deutschland GmbH. “Self-generated solar energy is significantly cheaper for consumers in these markets, and leasing means no upfront costs — and no hassle in terms of maintenance.”
  1. Trianel is a network bringing together municipal electric utilities that develops new business models to support their independence and competitiveness

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