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Gamesa, Iberdrola launch WindCORE® + WindOne®

Next-generation systems enable remote management of all makes of turbines.

Gamesa and the Iberdrola Group, through its engineering and construction subsidiary, have launched a wind sector-pioneering system which enables the remote management, using a single interface, of any make of wind turbine, anywhere in the world. This new system, called WindCORE® + WindOne®, enables operators to control and monitor this class of renewable facilities from a distance, analyse their operating data and generate reports with a view to optimising their electricity output.

This tool developed jointly by Gamesa and Iberdrola allows for the supervision, in real time and from a single control centre, the multiple variables which can affect a wind farm’s operations. These range from measuring wind speed at each turbine to their temperature, intensity and production. In addition, the WindCORE® + WindOne® system is capable of operating, using a single interface, turbines made by any manufacturer. This negates the need for a different software programme for each technology brand, as is the case with most of the systems being used at present.

“With over 10,000 MW in operation, and reinforced by Iberdrola’s know-how, we want to offer this value-added tool to our customers so that they can get the most out of their wind farms by operating them to the highest performance specifications”, said Fernando Valldeperes, director of services sales & marketing at Gamesa.

Javier Ontañon Ruiz, who runs Iberdrola Engineering’s remote control developments, added: “The versatility of WindCORE® + WindOne®, the result of a collaborative development between two of the sector’s leaders, will pave the way for its implementation in any environment while respecting each customer’s proprietary communications network infrastructure and management tools."

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