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European Biogas Association releases market report

Energy produced from biogas on the rise in select European markets, EBA report shows.


Biogas Report 2013, by the European Biogas Association (EBA). However, stagnation is observed in some of the biggest biogas contributors, such as Germany and Italy - and the forecasts are not bright for the rest of the Europe either, as crucial changes in support schemes are expected or are taking place already. EBA will further work to ensure continuous growth of the biogas-based energy in the whole continent, as it is extremely important for Europe’s energy security and decarbonisation.
According to the recently published EBA Biogas Report, there are already more than 14 500 biogas plants in Europe, and the number is still growing. Key European countries where biogas production is on the rise include: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, where an increase of 18% in the number of biogas plants in the region was recorded. Other key biogas producing countries, such as the UK, France and Sweden, continue to develop on a steady rate over several years already. 

On the downside, the Czech Republic and Cyprus have ceased support for biogas plants, while German and Austrian biogas plant operators are facing local caps.
“The biogas industry is facing tremendous policy changes," said Jan Štambaský, president of the European Biogas Association. "The dramatic change which started with the German Renewable Energy Act EEG 2012 continues to hamper the industry. On the other hand, the biogas industry is increasing in the other parts of Europe – UK, Italy and Denmark, and we hope that the rest of Europe will follow these positive developments”.

More information on the new biogas report from EBA is available online.


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