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Locus Energy reaches new milestone

Solar monitoring and analytics platform provider surpasses 50,000 solar PV systems under management.

The Hoboken, N.J.-based solar monitoring and data analytics platform provider now manages one of the nation's largest solar performance data sets, processing over 15 million data points daily for a cumulative total of more than 30 billion data points. This wealth of solar data provides the foundation for Locus’ fleet management and advanced analytics solutions.

"Locus' strong growth is a testament to our focus on the solar market, and meeting its evolving needs in terms of distributed fleet management at scale," said Michael Herzig, CEO at Locus Energy. "As the rate of solar adoption has grown, our products have become increasingly important to fleet owners and managers in their mission to increase efficiency and reduce O&M costs."

The 50,000 site milestone is a result of five consecutive years of more than 100 per cent growth, led by customer demand for its SolarNOC (Network Operations Center) enterprise-grade software, which allows system owners, operators and investors to more easily and cost-effectively collect, monitor and analyze real-time performance data from large fleets of solar assets, as well as its flexible and innovative data acquisition systems (DAS) solutions.

In addition to its rich feature set, flexible line-up of DAS hardware and its SolarNOC fleet management software, Locus now offers a suite of analytics tools called PVIQ1 that provides real-time intelligence on solar performance, allowing owners and operators to easily identify which systems are not performing up to expectations and the reasons behind that underperformance.

"Solar electricity is entering the mainstream, with predictions being that it will be cost competitive with traditional electricity in many states before the end of the decade," Herzig explained. "As the share of the U.S. electricity supply represented by solar continues to grow, Locus will be there to provide the industry with the sophisticated tools required to maximize electricity yields and minimize the costs of operating large fleets of residential, commercial and utility-scale systems."


1. The PVIQ analytics suite is a set of advanced data analytics tools that enables owners and operators to efficiently analyze performance. PVIQ comprises three elements: the Virtual Irradiance (VI) tool, the Waterfall performance report and a spreadsheet program plug-in that allows users to access the Locus database directly, dramatically reducing the time required to prepare periodic performance reports.

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