Farm Power coalition releases wind energy report

New research reveals enormous potential for renewable energy on UK farms.

RenewableUK is welcoming new research released today by a coalition of industry leaders, which reveals the significant amount of untapped renewable energy available from local farms across the UK.

The research, carried out by the Farm Power coalition,1 found that there was at least 10 GW of potential renewable energy capacity on UK farms, with 2.5GW being small-scale wind power (the equivalent of powering 1.3 million homes). The report concludes that this opportunity could be realised if a number of barriers — such as a supportive planning policy and access to grid connections — were removed.
“This new report shows that Britain’s rural communities can play a crucial role in our transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources such as onshore wind,” said Louisa Coursey, RenewableUK’s small and medium wind development manager. “It can help revive our rural economy with new jobs and investment, while providing a self-sufficient electricity supply to millions.”  
The Farm Coalition report comes a week after RenewableUK released its own Small and Medium Wind Strategy study, which highlighted the impending crisis in the small wind industry, which could easily be resolved with a change of heart by Government. The RenewableUK report points out that the current pressure being placed on the UK’s small wind industry is driving it towards breaking point.
“At a time when small-scale wind is fighting for survival due to a lack of Government support, this evidence should make Ministers think again before they allow this great British success story to fall by the wayside,” Coursey added.
The Farm Coalition report is available in its entirety online.
  1. The coalition was founded by the sustainability organisation Forum for the Future, and Nottingham Trent University, with steering group members including National Grid and the National Farmers Union.

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