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AREVA and Schneider Electric team up for energy storage project

Partners sign R&D agreement to develop a new energy storage solution that combines hydrobromic acid and hydrogen.

Funded by the European Union, the energy storage project aims to optimize the existing 50 kW flow battery prototype designed by EnStorage** to a 150 kW demonstration module. Under the cooperation agreement, AREVA and Schneider Electric will test the flow battery technology under real conditions. The aim is to deliver a competitive and highly efficient solution for the integration of renewable energies.

AREVA will lead the project, manufacturing, integrating and installing the storage solution while Schneider Electric will design, manufacture and install the complementary power conversion system.

“This latest agreement with AREVA reinforces our commitment to develop safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green energy management solutions," said Frédéric Abbal, executive vice president of Schneider Electric’s Energy Business. "This storage technology will provide the flexibility and stability needed to facilitate renewable integration.”

Louis-François Durret, AREVA Renewables CEO, agreed, adding: “The energy storage market is fast moving and highly competitive. In order to meet the energy needs of tomorrow AREVA is diversifying its technology portfolio with the flow battery technology and broadening its cooperation agreement with its partner, Schneider Electric.”

In February 2014, AREVA and Schneider Electric signed a strategic partnership agreement to market energy management and storage solutions based on hydrogen production and fuelcell technology with AREVA’s Greenergy Box™.

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