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Schmack Biogas wins 5 MW contract to supply Isle of Wight with biomethane

Schmack Biogas UK, in partnership with its project partner Wight Farm Energy, is establishing the first biogas plant in the Isle of Wight, on the English south coast.

IOW biogas project

The Schmack Biogas plant in the Isle of Wight is configured for an output of 5 MW of gas power, with a 250 kW combined heat and power (CHP) unit for its own supply.

The investor, builder and operator is Wight Farm Energy LLP, an association comprising seven landowners and IW Grain, a producer and trade group for cereals. Schmack Biogas UK is responsible for construction of the facility, which began in July.

Biogas fed into gas network

In contrast to conventional biogas facilities, the biogas will be processed into biomethane which has the same quality as natural gas. This will enable it to be fed into the island’s existing gas network.

After its planned completion in spring 2015, 4.25 million standard cubic metres of bio natural gas will be produced from renewable raw materials.

Schmack Biogas targets UK market

Schmack Biogas is a leading German supplier of biogas plants, and part of the Viessmann Group since 2010. It only entered the British market through its new subsidiary, Schmack Biogas UK Ltd, in July.

The company provides complete services in project development and plant construction, as well as servicing and operational management, under the brands Schmack, BIOFerm and Carbotech. The company also provides a comprehensive microbiological service.

EcoIsland to Island Hydrogen

The Isle of Wight (IOW) is already developing a smart grid infrastructure with global technology partners including ITM Power, IBM, Vodafone, SSE, and Toshiba.

The EcoIsland initiative – now called Island Hydrogen, after the EcoIsland Partnership went into liquidation last year – will utilise renewable generation including wind, solar, tidal and geothermal to match supply and demand using battery energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, and demand side management.

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