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IKEA, Hanergy expand solar product rollout in Europe

Hanergy's solar offering will now be available to IKEA customers in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Hanergy’s solar systems will be available in the Netherlands in late October and in Switzerland in December, following a successful pilot in the UK since September 2013. The offer will include full installation and warranties, providing a more affordable solar package to enable customers to significantly reduce their household energy bills. The systems are on sale now in all 18 UK stores at prices that have enabled more people to invest in solar when it was previously out of their reach.

“We are determined to make sustainability accessible, affordable and attractive to as many people as possible and with home solar, the benefits are strong from day one," said Håkan Nordkvist, head of sustainability innovation, IKEA Group. "Following the success of the UK rollout, I am delighted that we will be able to bring those benefits to customers in the Netherlands and Switzerland,”

Hanergy Solar UK CEO Toby Ferenczi concurred, adding: "Solar energy is now one of the best ways for families to live sustainably, while making a sound financial investment. We are thrilled to be able to offer affordable solar energy through our partnership with IKEA to more and more people, as we make residential solar panels available in the Netherlands and Switzerland.”

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