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2014 GEA Geothermal Energy Expo kicks off 28 September in Oregon

Annual geothermal energy event to host industry leaders from around the globe

The 2014 GEA Geothermal Energy Expo will take geothermal leaders around the world in geothermal development. The event will run 28 September to 1 October in Portland, Oregon, and will feature technical, policy and market conference sessions and educational seminars, as well as tours of local geothermal and renewable energy projects.1

Each year, the GEA Geothermal Energy serves as a world-class gathering of geothermal companies, academics, financiers, policy leaders and other individuals to learn about the latest developments in geothermal energy. In 2013, the GEA Expo and GRC Annual Meeting hosted representatives from more than 37 countries. This year, attendees will hail from Canada, Djibouti, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Portugal, Rwanda, Tanzania, Turkey and Uganda, as well as the United States. Together, they represent 17 countries and five continents.

Attendees of the 2014 GEA Geothermal Energy Expo are invited to visit the exhibition area, which offers vendors an opportunity to showcase their projects, equipment, services and state-of-the-art technology to the geothermal community. What’s more, the Expo will feature an expanded “Power Africa Geothermal Pavilion,” with representatives present from the leading countries in the region: Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. In addition, key personnel working with the East African Geothermal Partnership — a collaborative effort between USAID and GEA — will be on hand to help companies engage in this exciting growth area.

“Between the Power Africa Pavilion and all the natural discussion of Oregon that will be occurring, we expect a nice range of geothermal opportunity to be represented at this year’s Expo,” said Karl Gawell, executive director of the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA).

**Note: The 2014 GEA Geothermal Energy Expo will be held alongside the GRC Annual Meeting. 

More information about the 2014 GEA Geothermal Expo is available online.  
  1. The State of Oregon boasts substantial geothermal capacity. At present, there is about 33 MW of geothermal power on-line in Oregon, which produced 165 GWh in 2013. The latest industry survey identified 19 projects under development in Oregon, with estimated subsurface resources of 340 MW that developers expect could provide 60 MW of additional power within the next few years — providing appropriate contracts are secured. Furthermore, the US Geological Survey estimates that there are an additional 500 MW of discovered geothermal power resources in Oregon and 1,800 MW of undiscovered resources.
  2. The international geothermal power market is thriving, with a sustained growth rate of 4 per cent to 5 per cent and almost 700 projects currently under development in 76 countries.


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