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Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler joins ‘Wave Energy’ conference speaker lineup

Renewable energy advocate to deliver keynote address at the upcoming Ninth Annual Oregon Wave Energy Trust Conference

The Ninth Annual Oregon Wave Energy Trust Conference takes place 24–25 September at the Leftbank Annex in Portland. Mr. Wheeler’s keynote presentation (hosted by Stoel Rives) kicks off on Thursday, 25 September, at 12 noon. The two-day conference features around a dozen presentations, plus awards ceremonies, as well as exhibits and networking breaks. 

Mr. Wheeler was tapped to deliver the keynote speech due to his thorough understanding of the importance of energy sustainability and the role ocean renewable energy will play in the mix. He has also, over the years, demonstrated a commitment to growing the market for profitable investments in clean energy. Wheeler recently convened a group of thought leaders to discuss investing in renewable energy, revealing that the first step in the fight is ensuring we can successfully bring projects online — from financing and development to production and deployment.

Now in his second term as Treasurer, Wheeler has assumed a leadership role when it comes to economic development. He continues to champion the profitable and responsible investment options in renewables and believes there are opportunities to invest in renewables that meet the high standards we have for all of our investments.

“Ocean renewable energy has the potential to be a big win for our State — a win for jobs, and a win for our energy future,” Wheeler stated.

For more details on the conference programme, including registration information, please visit the Oregon Wave Energy Trust website.

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