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Flogas Renewables launches new 'Premium Partner' financing programme

Renewable system distributor plans to fund bigger projects as a means to prevent credit ratings from limiting solar PV installers.

The new Premium Partner scheme from Flogas Renewables is an initiative that will enable installers to work on large-scale projects in the UK without credit ratings and cash-flow becoming an issue. How it works: the Flogas Renewables initiative will bill the end customer directly; this way, installers do not need the cash flow to purchase goods over and above their existing credit facility.

According to David Taylor, business development manager for Flogas Renewables, this Premium Partner scheme opens ulp new opportunity for independent installers. “We work with some of the most well-respected installers in the industry, and after listening to what it is that they wanted from us as renewables solutions providers, we are delighted to be launching the Premium Partner initiative," he said. “By taking responsibility for the funding of the necessary solar PV systems on a project, we are giving installers who have been restricted in the past the opportunity to take on much bigger and potentially much more profitable projects.”

Those who use the scheme will be able to take on larger projects and can even offer ‘free’ systems to commercial customers, Taylor added. By working with Flogas Renewables they won’t be faced with any financial obstacles as a barrier to sales.

“The scheme will also help the installer present a very professional proposal, as we will assist them with system design and presentation to maximise return on investment for the customer and profitability for Premium Partners," Taylor added. "We can import half hourly meter data into our design software to accurately specify the optimum system size for a given load profile."  

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