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Lumicity, Conergy engaged in UK solar project deal

£200m sale to Conergy paves the way for the next stage in the construction of a wide portfolio of solar installations.

Lumicity has successfully developed a significant portfolio of solar projects in the southern UK over the past four years. The sale of the latest UK solar projects to Conergy Group represents the culmination of these efforts, underlines the quality of the assembled pipeline and marks an important milestone for Lumicity’s customers.

The portfolio consists of a number of projects with planning approval, a number having been submitted for planning and the remainder in advanced stages of development. The Conergy Group intends to develop and build the projects, which could add 166MWp in new clean power generation capacity to the UK grid. That's equivalent to the annual demand of around 80,000 homes.

“Partnering with Conergy is great news for Lumicity’s customers and will ensure the projects will be built quickly and to the highest standards," said Tristan Fischer, Lumicity CEO.

Alexander Gorski, Global COO, Conergy Group, concurred, adding that Lumicity has a strong record in the development of renewable energy projects. Likewise, Gorski expects the deal will support the Conergy Group as it expands its development pipeline in the UK. "As they are completed, the projects will add significant new capacity to the UK grid, supporting efforts to increase renewable energy power generation," he explained.

Lumicity, a developer of solar and biomass projects in the UK, has facilitated solar projects with a combined power output of 62MWp. In biomass, the company continues to build on its recent success: a record 30MW transaction with Bernard Matthews, the largest portfolio of UK biomass projects to date.

Conergy is ranked among the top five biggest companies for the engineering, procurement and construction of solar plants in the UK with more than 120MWp of capacity built to date and worldwide installations totalling 650MWp.

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