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Biofuels could receive up to US$21m from DoE

The US Department of Energy (DoE) is making up to US$21 million available for the selection of five projects that will develop supply systems to handle and deliver high tonnage biomass feedstocks for cellulosic biofuels production.

The funding is in response to a funding opportunity announcement from DoE in March. The chosen awards were selected as the best biofuels projects to stimulate the design and demonstration of a comprehensive system to handle the harvesting, collection, pre-processing, transport, and storage of sufficient volumes of sustainably produced biofuel feedstocks.

Feedstocks or combinations of feedstocks for biofuels that were considered include: agricultural residues, energy crops (e.g., switchgrass, miscanthus, energycane, sorghum, poplar, willow), forest resources (e.g., forest thinnings, wood chips, wood wastes, small diameter trees), and urban wood wastes.

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