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Connector for wave and tidal to be exhibited at BWEA31

Scotland’s Hydro Group, a solutions provider of optical and electrical products in the subsea technology industry, is exhibiting it Hydro Bond Renewable Connector (HRC) for connecting wave or tidal power to seabed cables at the BWEA31 conference and exhibition in Liverpool in October.

The Hydro Bond Renewable Connector has been designed to meet the specific needs of the offshore renewables market such as wave and tidal power. The first Hydro Bond Renewable Connector was launched earlier this year for up to 11 kv operating voltages and work is underway with a Swedish company and the University of Denmark to develop the product to handle up to 33 kv.

Hydro Group Managing Director, Doug Whyte, says: “The HRC connects wave or tidal power generation units to heavy armoured seabed cables in a matter of days rather than the weeks it would have taken in the past.

“By increasing the voltages our future development of our HRC will handle up to 33kv, Hydro Group is playing a major role in developing the technology needed to prove the viability of large-scale marine-based renewable energy generation.’’

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