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FLI Energy breaks ground on UK biogas project

Fraddon, Cornwall plant will convert organic agricultural and local food waste into gas and electricity.

Under the £7 million contract, FLI Energy will provide full EPC wrapped project delivery, including the design, construction and commissioning of the plant. The project, which is funded by London based Eternity Capital, is supported by local authorities and fully aligned with the regional objectives to grow the economic activities while supporting sustainable development and limiting the environmental footprint.

The Fraddon biogas plant is scheduled to be completed and handed over to owner Greener for Life Energy towards the end of this year. What's more, the facility will be one of the few anaerobic digestion plants feeding biogas into the UK national grid. Once operating to full capacity, the amount of biogas energy the site will produce is estimated to be the equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed 2,500 households. 

“The Fraddon project exemplifies Greener for Life’s genuine desire to make a difference to the quality of life for farmers by offering them the opportunity to diversify their businesses and generate significantly higher returns," said Winston Reed, managing director of Greener for Life Energy. "I am confident that our collaboration with FLI Energy will ensure that we deliver a biogas plant of outstanding quality.” 

FLI Energy’s turnkey contract scope includes detailed civil and process design, ground-works, site secondary containment bunding, drainage, feedstock clamp, digestate storage, full AD plant technology, M&E, CHP, biogas upgrading technology, propane addition equipment, and biomethane network entry facilities.

Chris Long, FLI Energy’s sales director, said the Fraddon plant represents yet another positive step taken towards the necessary decarbonisation of the UK gas grid. "It also continues to underpin FLI Energy’s leadership in the field of biomethane-to-grid anaerobic digestion project design, construction and operation.”

FLI Energy’s longstanding AD technology partner HoSt B.V. from Holland will collaborate with FLI to deliver the Fraddon project. When commissioned, the project will generate 1000 cubic meters of biogas per hour -- which, after upgrading on site, will be exported to the gas grid as renewable bio-methane. The biogas upgrading technology used for the plant will be the Carborex MS100 system, supplied by DMT. The plant will enhance the usability of biogas by upgrading it to natural gas quality.


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