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Oerlikon Solar and Tianwei open 46 MW solar thin-film production in China

Oerlikon Solar and Tianwei have completed one of mainland China’s largest thin-film solar panel factories, which in the first phase could produce 500,000 thin-film solar modules totalling 46 MW per year.

The Tianwei plant is using Oerlikon Solar’s Amorph High Performance solar photovoltaic (PV) technology for the first phase.

According to Oerlikon Solar, China’s Ministry of Finance will subsidise half of the construction cost for on-grid solar power plants under the ‘Golden Sun’ programme announced on 21 July.

The programme will also see funding for up to 70% of off-grid solar installations and cover transmission costs where necessary.

Analysts have predicted that China could develop more than 500 MW of solar power within three years, Oerlikon Solar says.

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