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ib vogt GmbH, vogt solar ltd successfully commissioned six UK solar farms in the first quarter

Solar farm projects represent a total rated capacity of 80 MWp.

According to ib vogt, the six projects will produce more than 82 GWh per annum of clean energy, or enough electricity to power more than 23,000 homes and save over 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over their lifetime.

The solar farm projects have been purchased by institutional investors, with construction finance provided in part by ib vogt and in part by the investors. All six projects are located in the following high sun irradiance areas: 

  • Old Rides in Kent, approximately 8 MWp
  • Newlands Farm/Fareham in Hampshire, approximately 20.5 MWp
  • Knowlton in Kent, approximately 11.5 MWp
  • Westwood in Kent, approximately 9.2 MWp
  • Wix Lodge in Essex, approximately 18.7 MWp
  • Derriton Fields in Devon, approximately 11.8 MWp

Since 2011, ib vogt and vogt solar have constructed and financed 16 solar farms in the United Kingdom with a capacity exceeding 130 MWp.

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