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Solectria Renewables selected for large-scale Mexican solar project

30MW 'ZacSol' installation in Zacatecas will be among the largest in the country.

The announcement was made during the Massachusetts-Mexico Innovation Partnership Mission, held 19-21 March. Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick, and Zacatecas Governor Miguel Alejandro Alonso Reyes joined representatives from three Massachusetts companies, Solectria Renewables, The Vertex Companies, Inc., and Panel Claw were in attendance.

"I congratulate VERTEX, Panel Claw and Solectria [Renewables] on this historic agreement that will bring economic growth to Massachusetts while fostering the global clean energy economy," Governor Patrick said. "We have opened up the doors of Massachusetts to the world, and today Massachusetts companies are competing on the international stage -- and winning."

Solar energy has been a major component of Governor Patrick's clean energy agenda since 2007. In fact, 464MW of solar capacity has been installed in the last 7 years (that's enough energy to power the equivalent of 70,000 Massachusetts homes annually), and more than 8,400 workers spend at least 50 per cent of their time on solar-related activities.

It is the hope that -- via the Massachusetts-Mexico Innovation Partnership Mission -- Mexico can also continue to excel in the renewable energy field. "Mexico is the perfect location for solar generation," said Scott Bowden, director of channel sales, Solectria Renewables. "Governor Miguel Alonso Reyes of Zacatecas and Governor Patrick are leading the way for utility-scale solar in Mexico."

The Mexican partners for the project include Constructora e Inmobiliaria Zacatecana and Grupos Domos. After the final approval for the project, the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico will purchase the electricity generated by the system. 


1. The Massachusetts - Mexico  Innovation Partnership Mission. This mission seeks to bring together leaders in government and business from Massachusetts and Mexico to focus on strengthening existing relationships and building new ones with the emerging innovation economy in Mexico City. In 2013, Mexico was Massachusetts' third ranked import partner, with Massachusetts importing approximately $3.37 billion worth of goods and services. Mexico was Massachusetts' third ranked export partner, with Massachusetts exporting approximately $1.86 billion worth of goods and services.


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