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OpenHydro selected for Nova Scotia tidal energy project

Plan in place for the deployment of a fully grid connected 4MW tidal array in the Bay of Fundy.

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy in Canada selected OpenHyrdo for a tidal energy demonstration project at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) test site. OpenHydro was selected as part of a competitive process undertaken by the Department in its drive to progress the development of a tidal energy industry in the Bay of Fundy.  

OpenHydro, a DCNS company, will now proceed with plans for the deployment of a fully grid connected 4MW tidal array to be in place later in 2015. The array will consist of two 16m, 2.0MW commercial scale turbines. 

A group led by OpenHydro, together with Nova Scotia-based energy company Emera, will deliver the project. Key local industrial partners are: Irving Shipbuilding, Irving Equipment and Atlantic Towing. The group has ambitious future plans for tidal energy in the region and are looking to use this initial demonstration project as the first phase of a commercial scale project in the Bay of Fundy, which -- subject to regulatory approvals -- will see the array grow to 300MW.

Upon completion, this project has the potential to be the world’s first multi-megawatt array of interconnected tidal turbines, providing energy to over 1,000 customers in Nova Scotia.

“OpenHydro is proud to have been the first technology installed in the Bay of Fundy, and we remain convinced of the potential of the region as a major source of clean renewable energy," said Thierry Kalanquin, executive chairman of OpenHydro and DCNS senior vice president, Energies and Marine Infrastructure. "This project represents an important step in building a local tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia and a next step in the development of commercial tidal farms in the region. Thanks to the on-going support of the Department of Energy of Nova Scotia, we are looking forward to continuing to work with FORCE and building a long term relationship with our industrial partner Irving.”

Chris Huskilson, president and CEO of Emera, is keen on the development of renewable power in the Bay of Fundy. “Along with OpenHydro, we are very proud to have been the first to deploy a tidal turbine in these waters," he said. "Now, together with Irving, we’re excited to continue development of the tidal industry in Nova Scotia and increase the importance of tidal in our region’s energy mix.” 

OpenHyrdo estimates that 950 direct and indirect jobs will be created as the project moves to commercial scale.


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