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Renusol America participates in Solar Energy Initiative in Kansas City

Pair of Renusol America's solar panel mounting systems have been chosen for installation on 45 per cent of city's municipal buildings.

Renusol America's solar panel systems will grace 36 out of 80 municipal buildings that are part of a 2 MW city-wide renewable energy initiative in Kansas City, Missouri. The energy generated is expected to save the city approximately $40,000 in electricity costs in the first year of operation while supplying 2.5 per cent of each building’s electricity demand. The installations are expected to be completed by June 30th, 2014.  

Renusol America is providing two different mounting systems for the project — the Renusol CS60 and the VS system. The CS60 is a ‘one-part-per-panel’ mounting system for flat roofs; the VS mounting system is for securing panels on pitched roofs. The solar panels are primarily being integrated onto existing rooftops of city-owned buildings that house police, fire, and parks operations, government offices, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, MRI Global, and a local Community Center.

“The Renusol’s CS60 are optimal for the flat roof applications, not just because they are manufactured in the Midwest, but also because the innovative ‘one-part-per-panel’ design provides installers maximum flexibility for addressing the issues encountered in adding solar to existing roofs," Jeff Burns, Renusol America’s regional sales manager," explained. "These municipal buildings vary in age and in structural weight-bearing capacity. With the Renusol CS60 system, the panel layout configuration and ballasting can be adapted to match the building conditions and ensure maximum array stability and system energy output."  

The solar initiative in which Renusol is participating is part of Kansas City's Climate Protection Plan adopted by the Mayor and City Council in July 2008. The plan — one of the nation's first — also includes substantial goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from municipal operations. For this project, the city partnered with Kansas City Power & Light and leading local solar integrators, with each system generating up to 25kw of electricity — the maximum amount of generated power eligible under the state’s renewable energy rebate program. Kansas City projects a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 2,200 metric tons upon the completion of the solar installations on all 80 buildings.


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