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Eno Energy installs second 114 wind turbine on the North Sea coast

Project follows on from the installation of the prototype of the eno 114 in Brusow, close to the Baltic Sea.

According to Eno Energy, the eno 114 3.5 MW wind turbine is among the most powerful onshore turbines in its
class. As Stefan Bockholt, head of engineering explains, this variable-speed, pitch-controlled wind turbine is a newly developed system with a rotor diameter of 114.9 m and a hub height of 92 m. (Alternatively, hub heights of 128 and 142 m are also available.) The eno 114 turbine is particularly suitable for windy locations close to the coast, thanks to its high turbulence resistance. These characteristics also make the eno 114 ideal for repowering projects, building projects on gap sites or compact wind farm layouts.

Christin Plepla, project manager, said the location of Brusow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offered excellent conditions for the comprehensive test procedures that began immediately after commissioning of the turbine. “As the available wind is sufficiently strong and no other wind turbines are present in the vicinity, free incident flow to the turbine is possible,” she explained. “In Brusow, we have the opportunity to erect two wind turbines at one site and to carry out more detailed measurements than usual.


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