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DTE Energy's Northern California biomass plant begins operations

Plant will use about 320,000 tons of woody biomass fuel annually to generate 45 MW of power.

The new biomass plant, which began operation in 1989 as a coal-fired power facility, ceased operation in April 2009. DTEES purchased it in June 2010 with plans to convert the plant to biomass. The fuel for the facility is primarily derived from urban wood waste, tree trimmings and agricultural processes.

"We are excited to have this green energy plant operational and appreciate the support we've received from the Port of Stockton, local officials and community leaders to make it a reality," said Steve Sorrentino, vice president, Wholesale Power & Renewables, DTEES. "We recognize the positive economic impact of this facility on the community and look forward to partnering with the city of Stockton for many years to come."

The site, once one of the most polluted in San Joaquin Valley, now is home to one of the cleanest solid-fuel power plants in the country. According to DTEES, the plant is providing 35 high-quality jobs and another 100 indirectly involved with DTE Stockton's fuel supply infrastructure. At its peak, the construction project employed about 100 workers.

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