BCS signs contracts for large bioconversion systems in Australia and South Korea

'AFC2' anaerobic process from BioConversion Solutions claims to provide up to 90 per cent conversion of organic feedstock solids, with no residual sludge.

BioConversion Solutions, or BCS, is currently engaged to provide the first biogas conversion system in Australia’s meat processing industry. The $43 million system will generate electricity, steam, and clean water at Bindaree Beef’s new Bio-digester and Rendering Plant in Inverell, NSW. It will also minimize odor and water issues at the plant and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to Ministry of the Environment standards. Bindaree Beef received a $23 million Australian Federal Government grant for the full-scale beef abattoir biogas project.

BCS is also contracted to install an alternative energy system at a municipal plant in Daejeon, South Korea; the fourth-largest city in South Korea. The system, which is projected to eliminate more than 300 million pounds of sludge per year when complete, will be the largest system of its kind ever built in that country, BCS claims.
The Advanced Fluidized Co-Digestion and Co-Generation (AFC2) anaerobic process from  BCS claims to provide up to 90 per cent conversion of organic feedstock solids with no residual sludge. The AFC2 is a profitable and scalable biomass conversion process designed for the agribusiness, food processing, commercial co-digestion, and waste management industries. AFCis an evolution of BCS’s original AFC technology, which has a 20-year track record of cost-effectively converting industrial waste. It can be used in new plants and is easily retrofitted to existing digesters.

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