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McPhy Energy, Electro Power Systems partner on hydrogen energy storage solutions

Italian-based Electro Power Systems (EPS), a market leader in hydrogen fuel cells for the stationary and data centre markets, has agreed an exclusive partnership with McPhy Energy, a French specialist in industrial hydrogen energy storage solutions.

Under this agreement, McPhy Energy will be the exclusive manufacturer of the new electrolysis stack developed by Electro Power Systems for its Electroself™ self-rechargeable fuel cell solution. In return, McPhy Energy will utilise the EPS technology worldwide to convert hydrogen stored in its storage solutions into electricity.

EPS will benefit from McPhy’s know-how on hydrogen generation and storage, and also have access to McPhy’s worldwide commercial channels. This will support market penetration for backup power applications for telecoms and data centres.

The partnership will also introduce energy storage solutions in new markets for smart grids, off-grid communities, or industrial infrastructures worldwide that need autonomous, logistic-free, and self-rechargeable clean energy solutions.

‘EPS is pleased to integrate the McPhy hydrogen generation technology with our advanced fuel cell systems,’ says Marco Congiatu, Head of Business Development at EPS. ‘We can now merge our fuel cell, electronics, and system integration competitive advantages with the manufacturing experience, innovation and know-how of McPhy.’

McPhy Energy has developed a proprietary technique for storing hydrogen in solid form, and also now has a range of electrolyser products – from small/medium (<500 kW) to large (multi MW) – for the energy and mobility markets.

Electro Power Systems SpA is focused on self-rechargeable systems that provide clear savings for telecom operators and backup power infrastructures. It markets off-the-shelf backup power and energy storage systems up to 10 kW, and dedicated off-the-shelf products up to 50 kW, with the ability to scale up to several megawatts for special projects.

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