Turboden enters the geothermal market

Specialist in organic rankine cycle turbogenerators partners with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, with the aim to expand globally its geothermal portfolio.

According to Mario Gaia, founder and managing director of Turboden, the company has always looked at geothermal energy with great interest since its origin, starting from the plant in Zambia (1988) and Altheim. He expects lessons learnt over the years to be applied to the company's foray into the geothermal sector.

Turboden, a pioneer of organic rankine cycle (ORC) technology, together with MHI, a leader in the geothermal power market, believe they are in a position to meet all the necessary requirements of a geothermal developer and can provide the best optimized configuration for that specific resource. Together, they will stand as a fully integrated supplier of binary and steam geothermal power-plants.

“Now that we are part of MHI...we intend to invest further in geothermal energy and introduce ourselves to the market as a reference player," said Paolo Bertuzzi, Turboden's general manager financial & commercial. "Turboden aims to satisfy the wide range of technical solutions required, from the low enthalpy liquid dominated resources up to the higher enthalpy fields." 

Between 2012 and 2013, Turboden implemented the start-up of a state-of-the-art, two-pressure level 5 MW geothermal power plant for the Munich Public Utilities Company SWM (in Sauerlach), and two other 5.6 MW plants in the same region for the leading company Hochtief Energy Management, now SPIE Group (in Dürrnhaar and Kirchstockach). These power plants have already achieved thousands of operating hours, exceeding the expected performances. A fourth geothermal plant has been recently awarded in Bavaria. The 4.1 MW cogenerative geothermal plant that will be installed in the city of Traunreut will deliver up to 12 MW thermal power to the community.




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