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GE introduces wind turbine series for Japanese market

Designed to fit the Japanese landscape, the 2.85-103 wind turbines are engineered for higher turbulence conditions experienced in 'Typhoon Class' wind speeds.

The GE 2.85 MW-rated power turbines, with a 103-meter rotor diameter, generate high power output for constrained areas. According to Anne McEntee, president and CEO of GE’s renewable energy business, the turbine has the ability to withstand extreme weather events and turbulence conditions, making it an "excellent fit" for wind sites across Japan.

According to GE, 100 2.85-103 wind turbines have the ability to generate the equivalent power needs of approximately 200,000 average homes in Japan. The 2.85-103 for Japan includes the Japanese requirements for lightning protection across all Japan regions and complies with Japan Electric Utility Industry Law and Japanese construction and building codes.


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