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DECC award supports development of Ireland's 'Deep Green' tidal power plant

More than £500,000 allocated for the continuation of quarter scale ocean trials.

The funding will be used to validate commercial performance of the tidal power plant in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland. The objective of the project is to verify survivability, prove performance and commercial viability using an existing 1:4 scaled prototype of the innovative Deep Green tidal power plant in real ocean conditions. Data from the long-term ocean trials will be scaled up to commercial scale to gain further understanding of Deep Green’s full market potential.

By supporting investments in the UK’s energy infrastructure, DECC strives to keep energy bills down and promote action in the EU and internationally to maintain energy security and mitigate dangerous climate change. For this, DECC established the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund from which Minesto, IT Power and NPL have now received a grant of over £500,000 for a project worth almost £900,000. The objective of the Fund is to help bring a range of new and innovative low carbon products to market.

“It is truly exciting that DECC realises the potential for Deep Green to unlock the low velocity tidal current market in the UK," said Anders Jansson, Minesto CEO. "This proves that Governments have confidence in our company and our technology."  

In the UK alone, the Deep Green technology has a carbon reduction potential of more than 30 million tons of CO2 per year, according to Jansson. Furthermore, the grant from DECC has enabled Minesto to employ more local expertise for the ocean trials in Northern Ireland.


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